Water Damage Can be Intimidating

Water DamageWhen you’re experiencing water in your home, your first step should be to give us a call. At HOW Restoration, we take care of the entire process–cleanup, storage, and restoration. We are highly experienced at all of these processes, as well as with interfacing with your insurance company.

After you give us a call, you can salvage your home as much as you can by taking the following precautions.

Safety is Your Top Priority

  • Determine if you should evacuate your home
  • Use your common sense and refrain from any activities that can be dangerous
  • Be on the lookout for slippery surfaces and anything that could cause electrical shock, water is a strong electric conductor
  • Keep in mind that many items are much heavier when wet

What to Do

  • Use towels and mops to soak up water
  • Remove colored rugs from wet flooring
  • Clear items off furniture and wipe wood surfaces dry
  • Clear floor of loose belongings
  • Remove upholstery cushions and prop them up to dry
  • If the weather allows, turn on the air conditioning
  • Place paintings and other art pieces in a safe, dry place
  • Use wood blocks or aluminum foil to create barriers between the floor and the legs or furniture

What Not to Do

  • Don’t leave wet fabrics where they are. Hang them to dry–especially furs and leather
  • Don’t leave colorful items, like books and magazines, on the wet floor
  • Don’t try to remove water with your household vacuum
  • Don’t use the television, ceiling fans or other electronics
  • Don’t enter rooms that have sagging ceilings

Follow these instructions, and you can do your best to minimize damage and prevent accidents before HOW Restoration arrives with the tools and expertise needed to resolve the issue.