Many people wrongly assume that mold is something they can easily fix themselves. Not only does it grow in places you can’t see, but breathing in dead mold is just as dangerous as breathing in live mold. This means that any mold you were able to kill using bleach can still cause you harm. Professional mold removal is the only way to get rid of mold for good.

Mold Remediation in Wynnewood

This customer experienced a roof leak as well as an AC unit leak. Because the water sat in the property for some time, HOW Restoration had to perform mold remediation in addition to structural drying. As you can see in the photos below, part of the process includes sealing off the work area and using HEPA filters to prevent the spread of mold or dust. For more on our process, check out our Mold Removal page.

If you’ve experienced water damage or need help with mold removal, be sure to contact HOW Restoration. We’re a locally-owned company who can be on-scene in Wynnewood in minutes.

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