Fire DamageLearn from Our Experience

Dealing with the aftermath of fire, flood, or storm damage is stressful. Trying to sum up all of this damage into a form can sometimes be a great deal of added pressure.

When you work with HOW Restoration, you can rest easy knowing that we have the experience necessary to fix the damages to your home or business. Our experience working with insurance companies ensures a quick, seamless process without incurring extra costs or delayed timelines.

Filing a Claim When Disaster Strikes

It can be difficult to remain calm and collected in the chaos after a storm, fire, or flood. However, it’s important to get all of the details correct when reporting the damages to your insurance company. Otherwise, you might not receive the right coverage or could prolong an already difficult process. Find some general tips below to make filing your claim a little less stressful.

Keep Track of All Repairs to Your Home
Keep track of details surrounding who completed any maintenance work in your home. Collect their name, contact information, insurance company name, policy number, etc., as well as how and what they performed.

Document the Situation Surrounding the Claim
You should also take ample photos of the damages. It’s far better to have too much documentation than not enough. When in doubt, take a picture. If you took photos of your home before the damages occurred, that’s even better! The before and after photos will tell a complete story.

We are Experienced at Working With Insurance Companies

The first step you should take after a disaster is to consult with HOW Restoration. From cleanup and storage to restoration, we have the experience necessary to streamline the process.

You can expect us to use the proper methods and materials that your insurance company has approved. We will get it right the first time!