Tips for Filing an Insurance Claim

The aftermath of water or fire damage is stressful enough without added confusion of filing an insurance claim. Use these tips to make the process a bit simpler.

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Flood Damage

What to Do After Water Damage

You’ve called an emergency service, but what do you do in the meantime? Here is some advice on how to act quickly and minimize the damage.

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Water damage

ACV vs. RCV: Which is the right value?

Having your property appraised by the insurance company is never fun. To make matters worse, you’re often provided two values for your items. Which is the right one?

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Document Recovery

Water damage can often affect sentimental, important, or irreplaceable documents. We offer document recovery to try and salvage these items.

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Electronics Restoration

If your electronics have been damaged by water or fire, they may not be gone forever. We provide our clients with professional electronics restoration to clean these items and bring them back to life.

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