A fire can cause obvious damage to your home or business, but many people don’t realize just how difficult it can be to permanently remove smoke, soot, and odor following the fire. In many cases, these items can be dangerous to breathe in. It’s always best to opt for professional fire damage restoration.

Soot Cleanup in Allentown

A kitchen fire in this Allentown duplex led the property owner to contact HOW Restoration. The fire started in the ground unit, and this unit took on the most damage. However, the upstairs unit still required soot and odor removal. Our team cleaned the upstairs unit, thermal fogged it to get rid of the smell, and ran air scrubbers.

The bottom unit required a bit more work. In addition to cleaning and soot/odor removal, this unit required a large amount of demo and full reconstruction. The HOW team installed a new kitchen, repaired drywall, and repainted.

See below for before and after photos.

If you need help with fire damage cleanup, don’t hesitate to call HOW Restoration at (484) 442-0003 or fill out our contact form.

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