Why HOW Restoration?

Why HOW?

We are a local company with plenty of experience. Following Hurricane Sandy, owner Jason Hartley helped with damage restoration at hospitals, schools, and commercial & residential properties along the coast.

Unlike some other nationally franchised restoration companies, HOW Restoration provides reconstruction & storage services so you can work with one company for the entire clean up and restoration process.

After a fire or storm, the structure of a building is often compromised. The windows, walls, floor, and roof could have suffered more damage than you’re able to see, making the property unsafe. An emergency board-up is necessary to keep the property secure during restoration, as well as ensure safety.

1. The Board-Up

Fire spreads quickly, and even after it is put out the damage from smoke continues. As soon as possible, your property needs to be boarded and secured. HOW Restoration will respond to the scene in only a couple hours to board the windows, doors, walls, and other surfaces as well as tarp the roof. It’s important to have a trained professional take care of this aspect.


2. Storage

After emergency damage, you don’t want to leave your belongings in a vacant property. Not only does this pose a threat of theft, but your belongings can become damaged in a boarded-up home or office building. HOW Restoration will remove any possessions from the property, keep them in a secure storage facility, and even have them restored to previous condition.


3. Reconstruction

Not only do we specialize in emergency board ups, but we are also a general contracting company. We can handle the necessary repairs needed to restore your home or office. In addition, we have years of experience working with insurance companies and even use some of the same estimating software as the adjustors. Our unique qualifications allow us to work easily with both property owners and insurance companies to have repairs completed quickly and efficiently.


Rather than dealing with multiple contractors, HOW Restoration is your one-stop shop for emergency board-ups and restoration. We’ll ensure the process goes smoothly, as you have enough to worry about.