Why HOW Restoration?

Why HOW?

We are a local company with plenty of experience. Following Hurricane Sandy, owner Jason Hartley helped with damage restoration at hospitals, schools, and commercial & residential properties along the coast.

Unlike some other nationally franchised restoration companies, HOW Restoration provides reconstruction & storage services so you can work with one company for the entire clean up and restoration process.

If your business has been operating without proper attention to the HVAC system, you could be breathing in more dust and contaminants than you realize. After fire or water damage, soot and residue often get into the vents, and these elements require deep cleaning to restore the property to pre-loss condition. In order to pass the air quality testing necessary to get your business back up and running, you’ll need HVAC duct cleaning. Luckily, this is one of many services provided by HOW Restoration.

We’ll take care of your commercial property in the following steps:

1. Inspection

The first course of action will be to inspect your heating and air conditioning ventilation system. We’ll ensure that duct cleaning is necessary and come up with the best possible plan for maintaining the indoor air quality in your building. A regular maintenance plan can extend the life of your equipment and save you money over time.

Duct Cleaning

2. Odor Removal

It’s not uncommon for odors to be spread throughout the ducting of your building. Routine duct cleaning can help to eliminate this problem. However, the odor removal process after a fire can be a bit more complicated, and the odor won’t simply fade during property repairs. If the particles are not removed immediately, they will sit and cause even more damage to the building. HOW Restoration will take care of the deep cleaning – we’ll even dry clean your clothes and upholstery to eliminate odors.

Air Vent

3. HVAC Duct Cleaning

Depending on your situation dust, allergens, smoke or soot may have spread throughout your HVAC system, just waiting to be pushed through the vents into new rooms. While filters are helpful, they can’t be 100% effective. It’s vital that you take the step to clean out the duct systems and then keep them clean with regular maintenance. Not only does cleaning save you money in the long-run, but it reduces the possibility of mold growth. 

Duct Cleaning

For more about our duct cleaning services, give us a call at (484) 442-0003 or fill out our online contact form. We offer additional restoration services like storage and temporary power.