Why HOW Restoration?

Why HOW?

We are a local company with plenty of experience. Following Hurricane Sandy, owner Jason Hartley helped with damage restoration at hospitals, schools, and commercial & residential properties along the coast.

Unlike some other nationally franchised restoration companies, HOW Restoration provides reconstruction & storage services so you can work with one company for the entire clean up and restoration process.

StorageWhile your home or business is going through damage restorations, the last thing you’ll want to worry about is where to keep your belongings. Your possessions may be dirty and damaged from water, fire, or mold and may require professional cleaning as well.

HOW Restoration handles all of the above so that you have one less thing to stress over. We will remove all belongings from the property, see that they are cleaned to pre-loss condition, and maintain them in a secure storage facility until we’re able to move them back into the restored property. We’ll even dry clean clothing and upholstery if needed.

Here for As Long As You Need Us

No matter how long the restoration process takes, you can rest assured that your items are well cared for. Once the property is ready, HOW will move your items back where they belong. As a whole, the process goes as follows:

  1. Pack Out: We will organize, label, and pack all salvageable items left at the property. A detailed inventory is kept so that you know exactly what is being held.
  2. Sanitizing: It’s inevitable that many of these items will require cleaning and sanitizing before they can be stored. In the case of clothing or upholstery, we’ll provide dry cleaning and professional odor removal.
  3. Restoration: Items such as documents or electronics may require drying and restoration after fire or flood. Successful restoration requires us to act quickly before more damage can be incurred.
  4. Storage: All items, including those that have been cleaned and restored, are placed in a secure storage facility while the building is undergoing repairs. They are kept in clean, clearly labeled crates and boxes, and any large items or furniture will be wrapped.
  5. Pack In: Once you are ready to move back into the property, HOW will be there to help. Our team will deliver all of your stored items as well as any helpful information about the inventory.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. We can be reached online through our contact form or by phone at (484) 442-0003. Don’t forget, we also handle restoration following an emergency or disaster.