Water Damage Bridgeport PA, Flood Damage and Sewage Cleanup

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When water damage strikes, your life can be turned to chaos. We want restore your life back to normal quickly and efficiently. Our speed, knowledge, and expertise eliminate stress for you. We assess the damage, provide you with a detailed estimate for you and your insurance company and offer you the solution that you need to get back into your home and back to your life. When you need water removed quickly, you need HOW Restoration & Construction. Our response team will be on-scene within a few hours of your call.

Whether you’re a victim of storm damage or you’ve discovered a broken or leaky pipe, a sewer line break, a sink or toilet overflow, or a malfunctioning appliance like a water heater, washing machine, dishwasher or refrigerator in your home, we are equipped to handle any problem of any size. All it takes is one phone call and we can arrive on the scene within minutes to start your water cleanup.

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Water Damage Cleanup & Removal in Bridgeport PA

water damage Bridgeport PAWe have extensive experience servicing Bridgeport and the surrounding area with all your water damage cleanup and removal. Water is particularly concerning as it often occurs in areas of the home that are not frequently accessed, such as the basement. By the time that most home or business owners detect water damage, the damage has already been done. Fortunately, our HOW Restoration experts use the latest equipment to completely remove the water from your home or business, and restore it to its original condition.

Our Flood Damage Cleanup Process

To ensure your damaged property is taken care of safely and efficiently, We have a step-by-step process to follow to make sure your home or office is restored correctly and without issue.

  • DAMAGE INSPECTION – Prior to scheduling an inspection or assessment, you should immediately stop the water at its source or call a plumber that will provide emergency services. Turn off electricity in the affected area and remove electronics. You should also begin moving your belongings to a safer area as soon as possible to minimize the damage.
  • flood damage Bridgeport PAWATER REMOVAL – Water extraction equipment will be brought in immediately to remove any free-standing water. This equipment may include portable extractors, truck-mounted pumps, or even submersible pumps depending on the severity.
  • STRUCTURAL DRYING – Once the standing water has been extracted, air movement and dehumidification are necessary to make sure that building materials are properly dried. There are standards set by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), and all professional water damage companies should follow them. Daily readings should be recorded for relative humidity, temperature, and moisture content.
  • SANITIZATION – This step is vital to the entire water damage restoration process. After the structure is dry, it is important to have your property cleaned and sanitized. In addition to the structure of your home, it’s very possible that you will need to clean your personal belongings such as clothing and furniture. HOW Restoration will take care of all cleaning for your home or business.
  • RECONSTRUCTION – We’re a general contracting company with plenty of experience handling emergency repairs. HOW Restoration has experience dealing with insurance companies and adjusters, which can help expedite the claim and payment, allowing your home or business to get back to what it was prior to the damage.

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Bridgeport Sewage Damage Cleanup & Removal

A problem with your sewer system can cause significant problems. In addition to the foul stench, an array of other problems such as fungi, viruses and other pathogens can create serious health hazards. If sewage problems remain untreated, they can cause major structural damage which can be extraordinarily expensive to repair.

sewage cleanup Bridgeport PAWhen it comes to water damage, there are three types of contaminated water to look out for. Of course, an inspection from the professionals at HOW Reconstruction & Construction is necessary to positive identify each type and develop a plan to resolve the issue.

  • CLEAN WATER – This is water that comes from a leaking faucet or broken water source. While it may sound harmless enough, it can quickly become a more dangerous category of water if left untreated.
  • GRAY WATER – This is water that is contaminated and may make you ill. Gray water comes from washing machine overflow, dishwasher overflow, and toilet water containing urine. If left untreated, it can quickly degrade into black water.
  • BLACK WATER – Black water is severely contaminated and may cause extreme illness or death. It most often comes from flooding rivers, standing water, and feces-contaminated toilet bowls.

Our team of professionally certified experts at HOW Restoration have years of experience resolving various sewage cleanup and repair problems. We provide the best sewage cleanup and repair services for both commercial and residential customers. No job is too dirty or too big for the professionally trained and certified experts at HOW Restoration.

Your Bridgeport Water Damage Company of Choice

The HOW Restoration storage facility can be found in Bridgeport, PA. This location affords plenty of space for a wide variety of equipment used after fire, floods, and storms. We use our own desiccant dehumidifiers to maintain the right temperature and humidity levels. Additionally, this facility makes it easy to service our other locations quickly.

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